Friday, November 28, 2008


The local newspaper was reporting on Russian Skater Irina Slutskaya and described her trademark maneuver in this manner:

Slutskaya, who turns 30 in February, was one of the world's best for a decade, often battling good friend Michelle Kwan for the top spot on the podium. She had incredible athleticism, allowing her to pull off the toughest jumps - she can still do all five triples - and spins.
Her trademark was a double Biellmann, where she reached back with both hands, grabbed the blade of one skate and pulled it straight over her head, then did the same thing with the other skate.

I laughed when I read this and felt if she actually did it the way they reported she was in for an unwanted surprise.

OOOFFFF! An on-ice bellyflop!

My old journalism teacher, Gary Lynes, always cautioned us to write what we mean, and mean what we write.

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