Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's not often you open an e-mail and find a photo of your granddaughter and the seastar she found at Zuma beach yesterday. I spent my growing up years in the ocean at Long Beach and I never found one (we called them Starfish when we were kids.) We saw dried starfish in little souvenir shops along the waterfront, or live ones if we went to an aquarium, but never did I find one.

It was a surprise to Olivia, who was at an end-of-the-year beach party with some of her little friends and their parents. After finding it, one of the parents offered up a bucket and some seawater to put the starfish in so that everyone could get a good look at it. As a good steward of all creatures great and small, when it was time to go home Olivia asked some older kids on boogie boards if they would take it back out in the deeper water and let it go. The lifeguard had given the group a little talk on the starfish, so the kids knew where it should go when they were through enjoying it.

I learned a lot at a website about starfish this morning. Heres the URL:

Thanks, Olivia, for taking good care of the little fellow and for seeing that he was put back where he belonged. You have the picture now to always remind you of what an adventure you had yesterday.

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Stacey said...

That is amazing that she not only found a starfish, but that she found one that was still alive. I never saw one at the beach either, just in aquariums. What a great experience for those kids. :o) One I am sure they will never forget!