Thursday, November 26, 2009


I don’t like to trivialize Thanksgiving, because I am truly grateful for all the things we are supposed to be grateful for – health, family, nation, etc. But over the years I’ve always made a list of things that make me happy, to remind myself that not only is it better to give than to receive but also it is better to count your blessings instead of your woes. So here is my list for 2009.


1. Jerry’s beautiful grey hair and the new hair stylist who knows how to cut it!
2. Living in Southern California, which I believe has the best weather in the world.
3. Newspapers and books that I can hold while I read.
4. The gift of a used digital camera when the owner upgraded.
5. Music, especially cool jazz, classical, oldies of the ‘70s and anything Dudamel.
6. New friends in Corona and San Francisco and old friends anywhere.
7. Levis, bracelets and long-sleeved t-shirts
8. Squeaky
9. Having such a workable library system in the area.
10. An easy-going, agreeable spouse
11. Discovering wigs
12. Net-flix, which makes reliving movies of the ‘50s accessible, enabling us to
take a great walk down memory lane whenever we want.
13. Patterned socks!
14. My cousins
15. My computer and the gurus who keep it (and me) running.
16. Hot Coffee and Cool Jazz – and those who read it.
17. Grandkids old and young who hug me like they mean it.
18. Two classes of “Beginning Photoshop,” which opened up another world to play in.
19. Walking on the Outer Banks, a lifelong dream.
20. The Internet

Have a good one, everybody!

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