Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Did any of the rest of you happen to notice that Murphy's Law (If anything can go wrong, it will!) was especially active yesterday?

Jerry and I set out yesterday with a list of "chores" to accomplish. First was a visit to a new dental office, as our former dentist was unwilling to accept the new dental plan we were provided by our HMO. We had phoned this new dentist ahead of time to make sure she was accepting new patients. I had my initial visit with x-rays, and as she prepared a suggested plan for what work needed to be done (the first being a root canal) she discovered that the new dental plan was unworkable for her and that we would have to pay the full amount for each procedure. The items she had on the "must have done" plan (nary a cosmetic procedure in the bunch) was over $7,000. So that was that. No dental work for us at the moment. We are still recovering our breath and trying to decide what to do.

Next we went to Staples to purchase a small packet of 160 Avery #8395 White Name Badge Labels to be made on the computer. I needed 20 and only had 8 left. As most of you probably know, with the advent of big box office stores, the small stationery stores just don't exist anymore, and what we found yesterday was that the only packs they carried consisted of 600 cards and cost $35.00. We went out of the store empty handed.

Pep Boys was next on the list. The battery gauge on our car had been reading very high, almost into a red area at the top. Since the usual loss of battery power puts the needle into the red area at the bottom of the gauge, Jerry made a phone call to his usual mechanic in San Bernardino (20 miles from us) to ask what that meant. He was advised that it meant the battery needed replacing. So Pep Boys was where we headed. Of course they were busy and said there would be a half-hour wait, but before they did any replacing they'd check the battery to make sure it needed replacing. As it happened, we had to wait an hour, but when they finally pulled the car in the bay their check showed the battery still had full power and certainly didn't need replacing. They did not know why it showed so high and suggested we see our mechanic. So there.

Finally, on the last stop before we called it a day, we swung by the library to pick up a book I had on reserve. It showed on my computer that it was in, and we had received a phone call to that effect also. But alas, in true Murphy fashion the book was, in fact, not in. No one knew where it was, or why it wasn't on the shelf for reserved books, nor why we had been notified at all. No one knew anything!

What's going on??????

I don't know anything. I go about my business trying to take care of chores, problems, exigencies, and the like .... and it seems Murphy is there working harder than I am.

What's a poor girl to do? I don't know if I am irritated, discouraged, distressed, dismayed or just plain irked. Seems to me that yesterday was a wasted day, and I am not happy about wasted days.

We have another list of things to do today. My optimistic side says I couldn't have two bad days in a row. But I wonder.....


marciamayo said...

I can't wait to hear about how today went. I'm thinking it was close to perfect.

Olga said...

Oh, my. Some days are just like that. Surely not twice in a row, though.

Dee said...

Hi, My name is Dee and I landed on your blog while floating through blog land. Your Murphy's law day was one that would send me home with a box of chocolate. Especially the visit to the dentist. I am enjoying reading your posts and will be back soon to visit.Dee