Friday, March 11, 2011


...You'll be missing something good!

This is Squeaky, which some of you already know. She was a "rescued" cat and purchased by my friend Joan in 2004. At that time the vet estimated her to be a year old. Good medicine and good care turned her into a darling kitty. When Joan had to move into an apartment that wouldn't take cats, Jerry and and I took her into our home and our hearts in April of 2006. Now eight years old, she has given us lots of fun, lots of laughs and only a tiny bit of exasperation.

She was called "Trixie" when she came to live with us, but because she squeaked instead of meowed, probably due to some damage done in her early life, we called her Squeaky and the name stuck.

She likes to be where the action is, and if she sees me with a camera she seems to know that I'm after her. She poses pretty!

When I am at the computer she wants to be right in front of the screen, watching the cursor. But I usually manage to talk her into taking a nap in the box lid I've put on the desk extension, right beside my chair. Yes, I could use the space in a better way, but as cat people know, whatever the cat wants, the cat gets.

An open drawer or an open cupboard acts like a magnet. It generally draws her inside, but sometimes she has to think about it before she makes the move.

The higher, the better. Now please understand, we don't let her into the cupboards, but she always manages to find that split second where we open the cupboard door and turn away for a minute...and then voila', there she is!

Every morning she gets two "doses" of PetroMalt for her digestive/elimination system to work properly and then her reward is to watch the toast pop up in the toaster. It's her favorite way to start the day.

Just as an open cupboard calls to her, an empty box is just too enticing to pass up, especially if it has a handle for her to investigate.

It something can possibly be laid upon, she will make it happen. There is nothing that makes her happier than to lie on my old hat, which is so old that there is no way she could crumple it up any further.

The other day she figured she could hide behind the computer monitor and I wouldn't know she was there. At first there were just little paws poking in and out from under the screen, but tiring of that, she decided to just watch for a while.

Squeaky is a sweet faced, good dispositioned, happy little kitty. We have always had cats in our lives, and we are so glad we were available to take Squeaky when Joan needed a new home for her. She has given us many hours of pleasure and lots of laughs. (As well as lots of photos, as you can see.)

And if you don't like cats, all I can say is that you would like THIS one!

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Stacey said...

She does seem like a very sweet cat grandma and not one of "those" cats that wants to be left alone. I had a cat like her several years ago (when I lived in Oregon)