Sunday, April 10, 2011


In spite of my dislike of seeing things in the wild eating other things in the wild, watching these eagles tend to, and feed, their little newborns is just too amazing not to watch.

Sometimes the babies are not visible because they are tucked into their feather bed. This morning I caught them waking up for breakfast, and I can hardly tear myself away from the screen. I must confess I wouldn't want to be watching when breakfast is coming in on the next flight, but so far I've been able to log on to the website at a "safe" time. (Yes, I know I'm a wuss!)

Anyway, you need to take a look, because it's something we'll just never be able to see by ourself. Be sure to double-click on the photo so you can see the enlarged picture.


Olga said...

I was watching this too. Amazing how technology can enrich our world.

nacodoches said...

How amazing to see a webcam video of these wonderful raptors. I love it. Eat more rabbits I say. Dianne

marciamayo said...

truly amazing. I agree with Olga, technology can enrich our lives in so many ways.