Sunday, June 26, 2011


Sometimes one gets something put over on them, and walking into a restaurant expecting to meet your daughter for a quick birthday lunch and discovering instead a huge surprise birthday party with you as honoree is one of those times.

The agony of turning 76 is certainly mitigated by the ecstasy of finding your whole family waiting to share in that event! I had no inkling whatsoever that all this was going to happen right under my nose. And considering that plans had been underway for over a month, it was an absolute marvel that not one slip-up was made, although in retrospect I see where one or the other came close at certain times.

When I saw a Facebook posting from one grandchild to another that said, “Andrew, what are you doing in town?” it might have raised suspicion, but since grandson Andrew’s brother lives “in town” I didn’t give it a second thought. There were a couple of other little close calls, but at the time nothing came close to giving me a hint at what was going on behind my back.

So as if it wasn’t enough that 25 of my children, grandchildren, my brother, my sister in law and two nieces came to fete and greet me, my daughter from Alaska flew down to join the party. A few were missing – but my son, his wife and my granddaughter from Sonoma had just spent the previous Sunday with me in the Bay area and it would have been superfluous for them to make that long trek again. And the youngest of all my grandchildren, little Justine, was at her first two-week sleepover camp and I wouldn’t have wanted her to miss that for anything in the world. But still when I finally walked into the room of the restaurant where they were all waiting, all I could do was to say, “Oh, my family!” and hug each and every one of them. Needless to say, it was a wonderful birthday present and I am grateful for each of them who made it so special.

My daughter Erin spearheaded the event and did a superb job. As you know, if you want anything done ask a busy person to do it. She surely pulled off a surprise, a perfect surprise, and I couldn’t be more pleased!


Dee said...

Happy Birthday...What fun for you and for your family to surprise you on your birthday.:)

marciamayo said...

Happy Birthday, dear Bobby. It sounds like it was a great one.

Nicole said...

It seemes you were able to enjoy your birthday with your family and that is what counts! It doesn´t matter how old you are if you have people to share it with. I travelled to Argentina for my 50th birhtday. Me and my husband got an apartment in buenos aires to relax and have intimacy in that period of my life, each birthday deserves to be celebrated in a different special way!

Stacey said...

I am glad that it was such a special time for you.