Friday, March 9, 2012


At 4:30 a.m. this morning the cat decided it was time for breakfast, and to make sure I got the message, she jumped up on the window sill and proceeded to push each of my California Raisin Jazz Band off onto the floor one by one. I'm sure she understands that it's the "THUNK" they make as they hit the metal base of a floor lamp nearby that rousts me out of bed.

I got the message all right, but it also occurred to me that perhaps if I showed you my musical California raisins, you would balance out yesterday's critique of certain kinds of jazz with the pleasure I get in seeing these little guys ready to make their kind of music. These raisins aren't playing avant-garde stuff but rather good Dixieland jazz. And the smiles on their faces really reflect mine when I hear jazz I can understand.

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Dee said...

Cats make me laugh...they are so smart. My two cats will get into a pretend fight with a lot of hissing if I try to ignore their subtle meows for food in the morning. They like to eat at 6:00. :) The raisins have captured the spirit of jazz. I use to enjoy the California Raisin's commercials.