Saturday, May 19, 2012


Just an oddity this morning.

Yesterday at the market I came upon these raspberries.  Quite fittingly they were a variety called "Golden Raspberries," which I found very strange.  Not strange that they were called that, but strange that they weren't raspberry raspberries.

Women (and maybe some men) know that the term "raspberry" has become a very definite color, in addition to being a very definite taste and fruit.  I must admit a golden raspberry doesn't have quite the cache that a raspberry raspberry has, but since I bought a box of them (same price as raspberry raspberries) I'm here to say that they taste every bit as good.

Although there certainly was a possibility of all things not being equal in the market presentation of both varieties, if I had to make a distinction between them other than the color, I would say the golden raspberries seemed a little more firm and maybe less delicate that the raspberry raspberries.  And surprisingly they looked much hairy-er, although I think that is because the little hairs are seen better against yellow than against raspberry.

Half my brain (the stupid half) wonders what on earth the world is coming to when you can't even depend on the color of a raspberry.  The smart half of my brain says if the taste doesn't lose anything in the transposition, then go for the one that will hold up longer and better, which seems to me would be the golden raspberry.  At the cost of raspberrys (the same in this case at this market), I'll opt for the box that will last the longest.  That way I can eke out more breakfasts.

My impared taste, which I've told about in several blogs, does well with vanilla yogurt and any kind of berries.  I gussy it up a little, usually with a sprinkling of cinnamon, some granola and always some toasted sliced almonds.  Of course the raspberry raspberries present better against the white yogurt, but who's presenting at breakfast anyway?  I'm lucky to be able to scarf anything down, so for me, this is a great find. 

But it does make you wonder what they can do to a blueberry -- breed it into an orange color?

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