Monday, November 5, 2012


Recently we read an article in the newspaper about an Orange County couple, both local school teachers (husband and wife), who plead guilty to charges that they had sex with a  17-year old high school student.  The teachers, both in their 60s, befriended the youth over a period of time and entertained him at their house.  What transpired was what the newspaper called "group sex" between these teachers and the student in the family's hot tub.  Alcohol was involved.  The relationship between teachers and student lasted over a period of time, during which he turned 18.  Later the student told his mother about this and it was she who contacted the police. 

What drew our attention to this article was the penalty for this crime: 

Both husband and wife were sentenced to three years of formal probation as well as counseling and 60 days of community service. Additionally, the wife was sentenced to four years in jail while her husband was sentenced to two years in jail. Both jail sentences were stayed.

Now I don't know enough about the case or about law or about evidence to say anything for sure, except that I believe this is an egregious miscarriage of justice.  Something kept these sexual predators from being thrown in the clink for a long time.  Whatever it was was wrong. 


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