Saturday, March 22, 2014


I have a folder on my hard drive labeled "Mulling Thoughts."  Into it go things that I think I might mull over someday.  I also forget, for long periods of time, that I even have such a folder.  But yesterday I came across it again while looking for where I stored something on the computer - and I had to laugh.  What you'll see below is a section of my thoughts.  I have no recollection of putting all this down -- but when I read it I laughed at myself and thought maybe you'd get a good laugh out of it too.


  *I am really not a “detail” person; I like to be involved in the broad scope.  I am generally aware of the details but it’s not where my focus lies.

*Here are a few things I think about myself:
  1. I like to be involved in the broad view – the creation and vision of a thing, not the details of working with it or making it work.
  2. I expect to receive what has been promised when it has been promised. 
  3. I expect meetings to start on time.
  4. I expect the leader of a meeting to stay on topic and bring it back to topic when it strays.

*The older I get the more rigid I am becoming. 
*I don’t tolerate foolishness very well.
*If something is to be a group discussion the leader should have strong leadership skills.
*I guess I like “3 things” or “5 things.”  I see it as making definite movement.
*I don’t like stupidity.

*I think a person who has 12 folding chairs to put away had better carry them more than 1 at a time to not appear stupid.

*How then can I enjoy counted cross-stitch?  Infinite # of stitches, one at a time.  Why do I not see myself making a quilt but knowing I can cross stitch a piece in which I must make maybe 10,000 individual pokes of the needle.  Is it because those 10,000 pokes are confined to a small piece of cloth?  Then why did I see needlework as tedious, tending to feel like it's an atonement for sin – past, present and future -  and yet experience counted cross-stitch as exciting and very in the "now"?


And then underneath all the above that obviously I mulled over, I found this (I didn't say it; someone else did, but I guess I liked it!)

All right, fine.  The cynics out there might be saying that the giraffe wasn't really giving him a kiss, that it was only looking for food, or performing some kind of giraffe greeting behavior.  To which we say, pah!  This giraffe was giving his beloved companion a goodbye kiss.  If there's a world where a giraffe kiss is not a giraffe kiss, that's not a world we want to live in.

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