Friday, July 31, 2009


I read Olivia’s report card from Second Grade. She’s my next-to-the-youngest granddaughter and like her younger sister Justine, goes to a private k-6 elementary school in Los Angeles. A grandma, or anyone else for that matter, couldn’t have been more pleased at what it said. However, it also made me laugh:

Fall: Second graders have been busy this semester learning desktop publishing. We have been using Microsoft Word to create a document, edit it, and insert graphics and WordArt. We use the Internet to gather information and images. We download images to the desktop. Then we input the images and information into Word, Print Shop and/or Pages to create awesome documents. Second graders use the PCs in the Computer Lab and the Mac laptops in their classrooms. Olivia is a pleasure to teach.

Spring: We continued this semester with projects combining word processing, desktop publishing and the Internet. We visited several websites corresponding to classroom themes. For the dinosaur and the biography project, students gathered information on the Internet. They input their information into a word processor. Then they searched for related images on the Internet. We created several beautiful documents that include borders, headlines (fancy lettering) and clip art using The Print Shop. These documents include poetry pages, portfolio covers and cards. Olivia enjoys computers. Nice work!

What made me laugh is that I thought I should send my husband to Second Grade at the day school. If Olivia can do it, he can too. He has his degree from MIT and you can’t be stupid to get a degree from there. So I am sure that at least one semester at Olivia’s school would help his computer skills immensely. He already knows how to open up a document, make a few changes, save it and print it out. He wouldn’t have to start from ground zero, though it might be close to it.

I’d like nothing better than getting a report card on Jerry’s progress that was as glowing as Olivia’s. Kids like Jerry a lot, and I think he’d fit right in. He can tie shoelaces, too, if one of the little kids gets stuck.

What’dya think? Is he a good candidate or what?!

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Stacey said...

Tooooo funny! :o) As you mentioned the tying shoes, I am thinking to myself...most of those kids in Olivia's class are probably great on the computer, but how many of them can actually tie their shoes...since most shoes now a days have velcro or are just slip ons. :o) Send grandpa to second grade, I might have to also join him, so I can learn a few more computer skills. :o)