Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The baby doesn't have a name.

He was born on September 13 and should be ready to go to his new parents, whoever they are going to be, in about three weeks.

I forget how adorable tiny puppies are. (I do not forget how much work they are and how I never again want a tiny puppy or kitten should the occasion arise, which it will not - and hasn't). This little guy belongs to my next door neighbor. The lady has two dogs besides this puppy, both with some Maltese in them. I am not sure of the relationship of these two dogs to each other, but I think the bigger one is the mother of the smaller one. The bigger one several months ago (before she moved into our complex) gave birth to a litter of puppies from an "accident" with a chihuahua. The smaller one, which looks exactly like the larger one, also had an accident with a chihuahua and just gave birth to the one pictured above. The neighbor is going to sell this little guy when he gets weaned. So now you know what I know.

Well, I know a couple more things. I know that all the dogs are really sweet and cute. I know that I don't need a dog, and that if I were to get a dog I would get one from a shelter. I also know that I can't go into shelters without bursting into tears. All those dogs with no homes. All those cats with no homes. It just breaks my heart.

I have no quarrel with breeders. I do have a quarrel with accidents. I find it hard to understand unspayed and unneutered dogs and cats. I don't know whether or not my neighbor supplements her pension with money from selling her dogs. It is none of my business.

It's not the dogs' fault, so I can hold the little baby and play with the mama and grandma with a clear conscience. I hope, however, that this is the end of the puppy "accidents" that are going on around me.

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