Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Daughter Kerry took Olivia and Justine to see the new owl movie (Sorry I can't tell you what the whole name of it is) and each member of the audience received an owl mask. The family has a very laid-back cat named Moses, so of course he got the honor of wearing the mask. And I got the pleasure of seeing my grandcat in his Halloween costume.

I'm not crazy about the new trend of putting animals in little clothes, except maybe for sweaters or coats to keep the little ones warm on a cold day's walk. My cousin had shelties and when she tied a bandana around the neck of her male shelties, she said they strutted around like typical male show-offs. I wasn't so sure this was true, but after we began fostering one of her dogs, I had to agree with her -- Bucky puffed up, threw his chest out and was one big show-off on his walks. But a bandana isn't a dress or rompers, so I can't really call it "animal clothing."

But if there is an exception to be made, it is at Halloween. I do enjoy watching the animals in their little costumes. The pictures below were taken many years ago at a local vet's annual pet Halloween party. I've always enjoyed looking at these funny animals, and while I've used them in previous Halloween blogs, they are cute enough to take another look.

Little Red Riding Hood, of course.

Who would have thought of a dog habit!

The Rag Doll cat really didn't care what was done with her. She's easy.

He really wanted to be Superman!

She's not really the ballet-dancer type.

I think of all the holidays, Halloween has always been my favorite of the minor holidays. Kids enjoy it SO much. Animals I'm not sure about.

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marciamayo said...

That cat IS laid back. I've never had a cat that would have allowed that.