Thursday, October 21, 2010


When I signed up for a short Photoshop class at the local adult education center I did so for perfectly rational reasons: I needed to be able to manipulate photos a little better -- not moving people or bodies in and out of pictures but getting better color, removing telephone poles appearing to stick out of people's head, and such simple things. Electronic dummy that I am, it took me two tries to move from rank beginner to slow nerd. However, the latter designation has sufficed for what I need; I'm still a dummy but at least I can pretty much accomplish what I want to do.

However, never did I think I would have such fun with one little aspect of Photoshop: Liquify. So what you will see below, in the spirit of Halloween, is an introduction to my family, Photoshopped using "Liquify."

My first try was on a photo of myself. I have to tell you I am quite pleased with my Halloween face. Beats my real face by a mile!

Below you'll find Jerry. He is kind and tenderhearted. He never says a bad thing about anyone, and most importantly, he never snarls.

My son Sean is smart, clever, funny, and, if he is not in a stage where he has USC carved into his hair (youngest child is a freshman at USC this year), a handsome fellow, good to his wife, his kids, his mother and his pets. What more could you ask for in a son?

My oldest daughter Erin is the one I have coffee with every Sunday morning. I can't tell you how nice this is. She watches over me like a hawk, constantly brings me little goodies, and is the one who always is up for a family picnic.

Middle daughter Bryn, who has always been the smiler in the family, a really happy and upbeat person, now works in Alaska, which means I don't get to see her smiling face much anymore. She's learning how to be a hunter and a fisher, a role that I cannot believe any of my children would ever take on. But Bryn is adaptable, if nothing else!

And the last daughter is Kerry, who survived being the baby of the family and has grown into a lovely woman. She has surrounded herself with family, pets, friends, work and such a busy life that I don't know when she comes up for air!

I am lucky to have such beautiful children - and a handsome husband. I also am lucky that it takes so little to entertain me. Just give me a computer and Photoshop and turn me loose. I'm certainly having fun in my retirement! And Halloween is a good time to share my "spooks" with you.

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Jill Title said...

Those are very scary looking, Grandma!