Thursday, November 4, 2010


What better exemplifies the qualities of autumn than pears and gingerbread? Maybe hot apple cider should be added to the list, but to be honest with you, these two items will do it without any further help!

I cannot remember where I found this recipe, as it was a long time ago. But I am sure it was developed by the Dromedary company, since it specifically called for "Dromedary Gingerbread mix," and that is what I always used. However, I cannot find it anymore in any of the markets we have at hand, so I have had to substitute Betty Crocker Gingerbread mix and follow the instructions on their box for preparing and baking the cake.

I have the feeling that young people today probably don't know what real gingerbread tastes like. They may have, in their young lives, had a gingerbread cookie or two, but probably not a chunk of hot gingerbread, maybe with whipped cream over the top like we ate many years ago when I was a kid.

In any event, I think you all will like this wonderfully-autumnish recipe. Let me know.


3 firm pears
¼ C chopped crystallized ginger
¼ cup butter or margarine
½ cup brown sugar
1 box Gingerbread mix

Peel, quarter longwise and core 3 firm pears. Set aside.
Chop crystallized ginger

Melt butter or margarine in small saucepan. Add brown sugar and stir over low heat until sugar is not grainy any longer.

In a round pie tin or casserole (or cast iron skillet that can be baked in an oven,) pour butter and sugar mix. Place pear quarters in pie plate like spokes in a wheel, outside of pears facing the bottom of the pan. Small ends of pear pieces are to be pointing to the center.

Spread crystallized ginger pieces evenly over pear pieces.

Make Gingerbread mix as instructed. Pour it evenly over pears, smoothing to make it flat.

Cook as instructed on box. Remove from oven and immediately turn it out onto a cake plate. The pears will now be on top. Let cool slightly and cut into serving pieces. Top with whipped cream and enjoy.


marciamayo said...

This sounds heavenly!

Gene said...

Sounds delicious. I'll have to check out how much I'd have to pungle up for this.

Olga said...

That does sound heavenly...just what I wanted to say, but Marcia beat me to it. I have a gingerbread recipe that I am sharing on my blog as well.

Friko said...

I bet that tastes good.

I have just scrolled down and read a few of your earlier posts. Could you please post a photo of you lying on your back on the floor kicking and waving arms and legs, having a proper tantrum?

If you wouldn't mind, that is?