Friday, November 19, 2010



I see that you are at odds with Facebook because you say it is causing some of your church leaders to think of going astray and dishonoring their marriage vows.

I have news for you. It doesn’t take Facebook to do that.

Forty years ago my children’s father switched from having strict Arminian views to a belief in “eternal security," thinking to keep himself in God’s good graces while he went on a year-long adultery binge, all the while teaching our adult Sunday School class.

It’s amazing what humans, men and women alike, will do to justify the call of the hormones. Christians aren’t the only ones who stray but I personally think it is particularly reprehensible when they, of all people, do.

Pastor, instead of trying to rid the world of all possible temptations perhaps it would be better to go back to basics and start preaching and praying about integrating Christian morality and marriage, Christian character and commitment – teaching what a life that is supposed to glorify God looks like and about the walk to get there.

Thank you for recognizing the threat, Rev. Miller. But forget Facebook. The sin is not there. It’s lurking in our hearts.

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