Thursday, June 28, 2012


My ideas for birthdays is that the best kind is one that you plan for yourself.  Others can participate but the day is yours to make it what you want!

In Newport Beach there is a nice little restaurant - an independent, not a chain, that Jer and I have gone to for many years.  Woody's Wharf holds lots of memories for us, so that's where we went.  It sits on the bay side, not the ocean side, and from the outdoor eating area you can watch the yachts and other boats (canoe, kayaks, etc.) pass by. 

Tuesday was a gorgeous day.  The deck set up for al fresco dining was fairly empty, as we timed our arrival for about 4 pm, too early for the rowdy working bunch to arrive for the "2 for 1 Cocktail Hour."

Not being a very big eater, for my birthday meal I ordered from the appetizer menu: Ahi Tuna slices, served with wasabi mustard, ginger slices and white rice -- everything for sushi except for the seaweed.  I had some crusty bread with it, and a lovely glass of Mondavi's Sauvignon Blanc. 

The birthday cake was, instead, a little bowl of Creme Brulee, taken with a cup of strong black coffee.  What a nice birthday meal it was!

My dinner partner was, of course, Jerry.  He was pleasant and comfortable to look at, and we began discussing what we will do for my birthday next year.  I've already got the place picked out.  At this stage we don't need a lot to entertain us; it's enough to figure we'll both be around to enjoy another meal like this again next year.

As for the birthday girl?  Here's what a happy 77 looks like!


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