Monday, April 1, 2013


As everyone knows, Mondays are not good days at the workplace.  Actually, all Mondays seem to be as bad as full-moon days -- if anything crazy is going to happen, it will.  And it always does.

It is now an hour into the Monday ordinary workday here in California.  Jerry has made two phone calls to businesses.  The first was to follow up on an order he placed on March 15 and had not yet received.  The page below is what he received in the mail Saturday regarding his order and what he called the company about this morning.

Let me tell you that Riverside, San Bernardino, Chino and Mira Loma are all within a 15 miles radius of each other and are well known to everyone in this area.  There are big post offices at each place.  Take  a look at the route his order is travelling.  (The photo will enlarge a bit if you click on it.)

The woman in the company to whom Jerry spoke said she would put another shipment in the mail today.  She could not explain this document.

Now how much confidence do we have in what she said?

Then he made his second call.  This second call was to place an order for some ostomy supplies with a company he has dealt with for two years.  (Our HMO  tells him which company he has to use, and he basically places the same order on the first working day of each month.)

As the person on the phone was checking her computer to make sure she got the right account, she repeated the mailing address to Jerry:  10451 East Lynn Circle.  Jerry stopped her and said that was incorrect, that we lived on NORTH Lynn Circle.  She challenged him and said "The computer says you live on East Lynn Circle.  You must have moved." 

Jer was thunderstruck.  He replied to her, "Ma'am, we have lived at 10451 NORTH Lynn Circle for almost 8 years and we are still here."  She didn't much like that answer and finally said, "Well, I'll change the address in the computer.  I hope you know what you are doing!"

So that is our screwball Monday.  What can a body do????


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