Friday, August 8, 2008


In looking at an advertisement about necklaces for dogs and cats, I tried to make out what was hanging down from them. The necklaces each looked more or less like a charm bracelet; each had three "charms" on it, but I really couldn't make out for sure what they represented.

That led me to think about an old charm bracelet I had when I was young, which in turn made me wonder what kinds of charms I would put on it now if I were to create such a bracelet for myself. What significant things in my life would I want on it?

My thinking would go like this:
  • An anchor, to represent my years in Girl Scouting, especially the last four when we were in the Girl Scout Mariner Ship S. S. Saratoga.
  • A ukulele like the one I strummed around the campfires in high school and in fact am still strumming when the occasion calls.
  • A bow and arrow, representing the archery contest and medal I won in college.
  • A baby crib, signifying the many babies that it held during those first five years of my married life.
  • A bible that for a 10 year period was the basis of a very rich period in my life.
  • A broken heart for a broken marriage.
  • A sunflower, which would represent the amazing discoveries I made about myself and life in general during that 4-year period I was single.
  • A champagne glass, which first would stand for my feelings about Betty Friedan and her life's work, and then for a new start and a new marriage.
  • A book, which would represent the years and years of delicious reading I have done.
  • A clef sign for all the music lessons, choirs, concerts and late-night jazz sessions that I've experienced in my life that has put music deep in my soul.
  • A replica of a Mazda RX-7 which was my favorite-of-all-time car.
  • A small shovel for digging up my genealogy roots.
  • A camera, honoring all the images I've captured in a lifetime of shooting.
  • A Tugra (fancy signature of a Sultan) to represent my life-changing time in Turkey.
  • A small child's face representing all the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids that are peopling my life and giving me such joy.

Those 15 charms would be more than enough for one bracelet. However, there's not one I could remove, and since sometimes excesses "happen," I just might have to add a few more as they come to mind.

Since remembering these events gives me such pleasure, I do consider that I've led a charmed life

Oh yea, I definitely will need a pirate for Capt. Jack Sparrow!

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Stacey said...

What great memories!