Sunday, August 31, 2008


You will remember that last week on the 27th we learned a bit about old Abner Hall, one of our old relatives. When Abner wrote his will, he knew he was going to die soon, but there was no way he could have imagined it would happen like this!

Our direct ancestor is Abner's son, John, who is the John of the story below. You can imagine how startled I was when I came across this information in an old Franklin County, Missouri history book. If John's brother, William LeGrand Hall (about whom this story pertains) had had his way, we wouldn't have been around !

There is another version of this story printed in the St. Louis, Missouri newspaper shortly after this event occurred. It differs in several respects from this one, and we will never know the exact truth, but the final results were the same. I'll reprint that story with the next installment sometime this next week. For now, read about our great-great-great uncle William LeGrand Hall.

If you are not my cousin but are confused about how you fit into the family, drop me a note and I'll help you.

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