Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was brought up on Joe Jost's Polish sandwiches and pickled eggs. At least two Saturdays each month, my dad would walk a few doors west from his appliance store on East Anaheim Street in Long Beach to what he called a "beer joint" and order a sandwich and egg for himself and for whoever happened to be at our house that day. Having a "Joe Jost's" (which always meant the sandwich, the egg and a batch of pretzels) was a staple of our lives.

When I became of age I introduced more than one date to this great little "beer joint" - although to call it a joint really does it an injustice, making it sound a little unsavory, which it definitely is not.

The last time we were there I mentioned to Jerry that I was eating Joe Jost's long before any of the young men working behind the bar were even born. Sadly, because we live about an hour's drive from Long Beach now, we aren't able to simply pop in for a yummy Polish sandwich and pickled egg - and a cooling brew. So it was with great pleasure some time ago that a friend sent me a recipe printed in the Long Beach Press Telegram for "Joe Jost's Pickled Eggs" that was supposed to be an authentic recipe. Well, I doubt that it was, but I tried it and the recipe definitely was a keeper.

So today I'm sharing that with you. It is simple enough to make often. In fact, I think I'll swing by the market today and pick up what I need to make another batch. Why don't you join me?


8 eggs
1 jar (12 oz) yellow chili peppers
2 T pickling spice
1 C wine vinegar
1-1/2 scant cups water
1 teaspoon turmeric
2 teaspoons salt

Hard boil the eggs.
Mix remainder of ingredients.
Peel eggs and put in liquid while still warm. Don’t refrigerate.

Keep in sealed jar for 2 days. Serve.
The marinade may be used again.


pat said...

What memories you bring to me! In my first marriage we were avid anglers and went fishing frequently at the jetty in Alamitos State Beach or along the shore and piers. We always made a stop at Joe Jost's on the way home. What a place! I, too, made the pickled eggs and we placed them on our bar. You can't duplicate those sausage sandwiches, though.

yup said...

So, Bobby, did you go ahead and make a batch of the eggs?

I plan to soon. I love pickled eggs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister Bobby,

I have a dozen Joe Jost eggs ready right now! I make a dozen and a half every month or so.

After driving home from the "ranch" most every Sunday night, the boys would stop at Joe Jost for a Special Sandwich, pickled eggs and Nehi Grape Soda for John Howard or Danny Jacobs and I. Of course the grownups had Pabst beer.

I recall Dad saying that the employees who work there had to have a bond so that they wouldn't give out the recipe to anyone.

By the way, what is a "scant" measure of water. It seems like it either is or isn't the measure given.

I've been making the J.J. eggs for the last few years and have experimented with the recipe you gave. The water (scant or otherwise) that dilutes the acidity of the vinegar always seems to tone down the bite too much!

Love ya!

Bro. Steve

xavierjazz said...


Thanks so much for the post and recipe. I can't wait to try this recipe. A couple of questions if o.k.

With the jar of chili peppers, do you include the juice from that jar?

Your post said you doubted it was a authentic, but after trying was a keeper. Have you since tweaked your recipe to make more like at Jo Jost's?

Look forward to trying these with cold beer and Chet Baker!