Wednesday, September 23, 2009


No one feels much like cooking on a hot day. So this salad has always been a favorite at our house when September comes and brings three-digit heatwaves!

I had a wonderful little cookbook in the seventies that seemed to have recipes made exactly for my taste - light, colorful and simple. The cookbook is long gone, but I saved a few special recipes from it. This is one of them.


1 pound cucumbers, peeled or unpeeled (your preference)
1 C cider vinegar
¾ cup sugar
1 t MSG (optional)
cooked shrimp or crab meat (garnish)
cherry tomatoes, halved (garnish)

Cut cucumbers in half; thinly slice crosswise; sprinkle lightly with salt; mix well and allow to marinate for a while. Then squeeze dry with your hand; rinse and drain well. Combine vinegar, sugar and MSG; pour enough of this dressing over the cucumbers to coat them and allow to marinate for awhile. Squeeze dry again and chill. When ready to serve, add the remainder of the dressing to the cucumbers; toss gently and place the cucumbers in individual bowls. Garnish with cooked seafood and sliced tomatoes.

Eat and enjoy!

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