Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have lots of granddaughters – April, Robyn, Stacey, Carley, Jill, Katie, Caitlin, Olivia and Justine. Some are adults and some are still little kids – there’s a wide spread in their ages. They are all good kids and I have no reason to think they don’t like me.

But not all grandmas are so lucky. Did you read the article in the paper about one woman’s granddaughter who just got bored one day and decided to play a trick on her grandma by making threatening phone calls? She told her in a disguised voice things like, ‘I’m going to kill you,” “I’m watching you,” and “You’re going to die.” She made these calls to her grandma’s cell phone and involved one of her friends in the so called “prank” calls as well. She later said she was “bored and just wanted to have some fun.”

Her “fun” was spread out over 45 different phone calls. Needless to say, the grandma called the police and ultimately the “perps” were traced and arrested. The granddaughter said that although they made the calls to scare her grandmother, she didn't really want her grandmother dead. She said she knew it was wrong but not that it was illegal.

The girls, if convicted, could each face more than 10 years in jail.

I cannot understand how any young person would think so little of their own grandmother that they would consider doing something like this. Having lived through the teenage years of my own four kids, I know young people can make dumb decisions on occasion – and sometimes for understandable reasons just based on their own inexperience. I tend to give a lot of leeway to the teens. thinking back to some of my own dumb decisions. The granddaughter in this story was 21, but she definitely was way far from adult-like in her thinking.

And the explanation of “I knew it was wrong but not that it was illegal” is an amazing rationale. She cooked her own goose and she is going to have to pay a stiff price for doing something stupid, wrong and illegal, that’s for sure. What a shame.

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