Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Personal Chefs. Personal Trainers. Life Coaches. Birthing coaches. And now Personal Baby Planners.

Talk about a “me-centered” society!

What is our world coming to, for crying out loud!

Want to know the right stroller for your upcoming baby? Hire a Baby Planner.
Want to make your house safe for the little darling? Hire a Baby Planner.
Which car seat is safest? Hire a Baby Planner.
Need a coming home outfit for the newborn babe? Hire a Baby Planner.
Want to post a “want” list in a baby registry? Hire a Baby Planner.
Need a few more maternity clothes? Hire a Baby Planner.
Hope to keep a scrapbook for the baby? Hire a Baby Planner.
What colors should you use in the nursery? Hire a Baby Planner.

We’ve changed from a do-it-yourself culture to a “hire-it-out” culture -- at least for those who have money left over at the end of the month after paying all their bills. The rank and file still do it the old-fashioned way. Cook dinner themselves, push strollers around the block for exercise, ask mom or grandma for advice, and have fun getting ready for the baby’s arrival.

An article I read about these new baby planners quotes a woman who thinks society imposes on parents-to-be the idea that they should want to do everything themselves for their baby – and she indicates that this is just not necessary, which makes a good reason for hiring a Personal Baby Planner. If the details of becoming a parent bore you, a planner will most definitely alleviate stress over feeling guilty, she seems to be saying.

Well, I say then don’t bother to have kids.

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