Saturday, December 19, 2009


I do believe there are some people who would call the displays featured in today's blog "sacrilegious." I think maybe that would have been the first word out of my mother's mouth, too. But I don't see it that way. Nor do I see it as religious art. "Cute" and "funny" are descriptors that rattle around in my head. What do you think? Over the years I have seen many dogs dressed up in manger scene costumes. I have laughed at each one. I laugh in the same way when I walk through our local PetSmart and see all the regular clothing that is now made for dogs who are clothes-horses. I see cat clothes too, but designers of those mostly realize that you can't pull many wool sweaters over a cat's eyes!

Now this is somebody's work of art. I think it is just too cute for words. I can tell it took a lot of talent to fashion these little guys. And I would have no problem at all setting it up in my house -- except that Squeaky probably wouldn't let it be! I'd have cats all over the place, as she does like to push little things around and under furniture.

Next up is a manger scene for foodies. I see the makings of s'mores. Add a few sticks of cinnamon and a pretzel or two and voila! What creativity! Not Peeps, exactly, but very marshmallowy. And cute to boot! (And maybe neat to eat.)

And now a nativity belt buckle for the man whose wife or girlfriend can't think of what to get him for a Christmas present. Look at the detail in the buckle. Who would ever have thought up this kind of a gift! I haven't seen any for sale in the stores, but then we don't live in belt-buckle country either, so maybe this is a regional variation of the manger scene.

I would be willing to retire my black and white chicken timer during the holiday season if Santa brought me a fancy timer like this. Would it be sacrilegious to time all my Chex Mix batches using such a thing? I think not, but I do think some of you might find it slightly distasteful -- the timer, not my Chex Mix, which is always good and always asked for at every Christmas season by my kith and kin.

Now many years ago when Jerry and I had our talk before we got married about whether or not he was ok with my putting up a Christmas tree every year, I was so delighted at his answer that I decided I would not push it by putting up nativity scenes. I have always been charmed by the variety available. If Jerry and I had not married I probably would have ended up life single and as the old woman who has a hundred cats and a hundred manger scenes. But to my delight that didn't happen, although my interest in both has never abated.

So for me these creches are extremely satisfying to look at; I don't need to have them in my house. And in case you find them as fascinating as I do, you can find many more at Thanks to that website for giving me a good giggle or two.

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