Monday, May 24, 2010


It is a truth than whenever you look for just the right gift for just the right person -- you can never find it. Sometimes you will remember something you have seen that would be perfect but you can't remember where you saw it.

So when I stumbled upon a website that features the glasses above, which have been created out of old beer bottles, I decided I'd better bookmark this site for myself, as well as share it with you. I'm sure that when you see these glasses you'll know exactly who in your family would be a candidate for them.

I picked their bio off the website, because it shows that they not only are creating very funny things but they are doing so with a good intent.

BottleHood was created out of a passion to help our environment, create local jobs and stimulate our local retail economy. The company was founded by a couple of folks in San Diego who took their concerns for the environment and the local economy and decided to “do” something about it.

BottleHood has taken a stand on keeping bottles which have no California Redemption Value (CRV) out of California’s landfills or sent overseas to be recycled. In the process, BottleHood produces a line of uniquely handcrafted tumblers and vases made from bottles whose contents were enjoyed in our neighborhood. We hire local craftspeople, who also share our concerns for the environment and the local economy, to produce our line of glassware.

BottleHood is just really all about our neighborhood; helping extend the life of discarded glass, creating jobs and stimulating our local economy

The "Arrogant Bastard Ale" glasses aren't the only clever ones they have. See for yourself. And make sure the candidate in YOUR family for such a gift is someone whose ego doesn't bruise easily and will find these as funny as I do.

Photo used with permission.

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