Sunday, May 9, 2010


In my lifetime I’ve had three good moms. Today on Mothers Day 2010 I’m going to give a short tribute to them.

When I married the first time at age 20, a super lady came with the package. She was kind, warm hearted, giving and loving. No one could have hoped for a better mother-in-law. She was good to me and good to the grandchildren that came in due time. She knew her son’s new wife was young and didn’t really know how to cook, so she always invited me into the kitchen to help her make one of her southern specialties. I watched her carefully, and it was always a bonding time. In the 16 years I belonged to that family, she never had a bad word to say about something I might have done better. She became as dear to me as my own mother. The tears I shed after my divorce was as much for losing her as for losing my husband. I kept in touch with her until she passed away in 1984.

As if having one wonderful mother-in-law wasn’t enough, I was given a second one some years later when Jerry and I married. He had been widowed and meeting his family for the first time was scary. I was not Jewish and I just wasn’t sure how that was going to set with his mom. But I needn’t have worried. That first evening his mom grabbed my hand and said, “Bobby, I want you know that I am really pleased that you’ll be in the family. Jerry has been sad for so long, and you make him happy.” And she gave me a little kiss on the cheek. From that day until the day she died, she exhibited that kind of love and care for me. I always considered myself lucky that I got two such kind and loving mother-in-laws.

My own mother passed away in 1982 after a failed heart surgery. In cleaning out her apartment, my brother, sister and I found a note that she had left for us. She had a hunch she wasn’t going to live through the surgery and had a few things to say to us. She noted a few little things that she wanted us to know about – and then she closed her note by writing, “I had a wonderful time being your mother.” After we got through crying our eyes out we questioned ourselves as to whether we had told her enough that we loved her too. Our family was not one that was very physically demonstrative, but we did love our parents and were thankful that we had always told them so.

Today being Mother’s Day, I want to let everyone know how lucky I was, and how grateful I am, that I had three such great Moms in my life.

............Ida May Kirkpatrick – 1904-1987...................................
.................Bertha Title – 1908-1990.............................................
...........Virginia Louise Dobbins – 1911-1972................................


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