Saturday, May 8, 2010


I get myself in trouble when I start nosing around YouTube and listening/watching music videos. "Getting in trouble" is a euphemism for "spending money!" It's like this:

I subscribe to a genealogy blog and in reading it early this morning it sent me to a video of Amazing Grace being sung by the Mormon Choir. As I was listening, I saw another rendition of the same song by a Soweto choir. I wondered if the Hawaiians also had a video, but the minute the word "Hawaii" entered my skull, I immediately started searching for some of the videos I've seen of the Brothers Cazimero. From there I was reminded that I had, in the past, intended to order a CD of one of their "Favorites" disks - and why hadn't I done that? Doggone it! I meant to, but out of sight is out of mind for sure.

When Jer and I had the house in Orange, we had a big den and in that den we had a wonderful stereo hookup and many dozens of our favorite LP albums. Later we turned them into tapes and there was music in our house all the time. The original owners had put speakers in the ceiling of our dining room, so when we entertained we had great mood music just at the flick of a switch. Once we sold our house and made so many moves, downsizing little by little, we lost the space for the stereo system, gave the records away, and at this stage of our lives we have almost 100 audio tapes and a smallish boombox that seems to magnify all the hissing noise inherent in audio tapes. It has not been very satisfactory.

Periodically I have bought a few music CDs -- probably 13 or so -- and daughter Kerry provided me with my favorite songs of the 70's, but my intention has always been to get rid of the tapes and replace some of my very favorites with CDs. I can't say as I've done that, except I did get an exceptionally enjoyable 2-disc Dave Brubeck set and later a beatiful rendition of Faure's Requiem. Oh, and Phantom of the Opera too. But no Brothers Cazimero. No "Best of Bread." No Cal Tjader. No Jean Luc-Ponty. No Manhattan Transfer. No Oscar Peterson. No Stevie Wonder. No Frank Sinatra.

It's no one's fault but my own. Well, part of the problem is that nowadays when you want "old stuff" you have to hunt for it. And of course in finding it online, there is always the shipping cost to pay, and that is irksome. I'd rather go down to a music store and pick it up. But alas, there are no music stores anymore.

However, listening to the fellows on the YouTube video this morning made me realize that if I get nothing else, I will today, as my way of celebrating Mother's day, order that CD. I'll take care of the others in due time!

Do you know the Cazimero brothers? Have a listen:

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