Friday, June 18, 2010


Sometimes I have a funny story to share. It usually involves Jerry, but I have been known to tell a good one on myself, too, so I’m not picking on him. This one really involved the two of us.

One Monday past, Jerry had two places to go. The first would be stop at the urologist’s office. His PSA had gone way high again and Jerry was sure the doc was going to say he needed to schedule another biopsy. Poor Jerry. These biopsies aren’t particularly painful, he says, but of course they are far from fun to undergo. When he undergoes a biopsy, I have to go with him because I need to drive the car home, due to the relaxant they give him. But I didn’t need to go this particular day, as it was just conjecture on Jer’s part that the doc would want to schedule another one.

The other place he needed to go was to his auto mechanic’s shop to have him look at the cruise control mechanism on our car. It had stopped working. One other time the same thing happened and the mechanic fixed the problem by twisting together two little wires that had come loose. Jerry figured his mechanic could take a minute out of his busy day to take care of this little problem again.

Off he went, while I stayed home and puttered around the house.

Anyway, Jerry was gone quite a long time, much longer than I expected, and I was starting to get nervous. Finally the phone rang and it was Jerry, who told me another problem had developed, that the vacuum hose had broken and they were looking for another one. Still concerned about his possible biopsy, I said, “Gosh Jer, I didn’t know they were going to do the procedure today! Are you ok by yourself?

He burst out laughing right into the phone and said, “I’m at the car dealer. It’s the vacuum hose on the car, not on me!”

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