Friday, June 4, 2010


I wouldn’t swear on a stack of bibles that this fruit is an UGLI (which is a registered trademark of a certain brand of tangelos from Jamaica). The other UGLIs I have seen are yellowish-greenish and are more the size of a grapefruit. This fruit pictured above was coded in the supermarket’s cash register as a mandarin orange – so I am hard pressed to tell you exactly what it is, except that it for sure is ugly.

The supermarket today had a big arrangement of them in the produce section, and people just couldn’t pass them by without making some kind of unkind remark or giving it a quick squeeze. Jerry and I, on the other hand, stopped to give it a thorough inspection, and I served up the authoritative word by remarking that this was exactly how the skin on my face was starting to look!

Tell me truthfully, those of you who have seen me recently, don’t you think I’m telling the truth and not exaggerating except for maybe a tiny bit. Here, look, and see if you don’t see me in this photo:

Even the hair looks like mine anymore.

That picture of me cost $1.99 – it was quite expensive and ugly to boot, I thought, but a price I was willing to pay for. The cashier said to us, “What is this?” and we said we didn’t read the sign on the produce display but we assumed it was a mandarin orange. (I think we meant tangerine, which probably would have rung up as 47 cents or something, but if you don’t pay attention to things you end up paying more!) Anyway, everyone got a kick out of it, me most of all, because I knew that I had was holding today’s blog in my hand.

I’ve had my fun and as you can see below, the UGLI or tangerine or whatever you call it is now on its way to being “et.” Doesn’t take much to make me see the humor in things!

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Olga said...

Gee, who knew inspriation was just sitting in the supermarket? I thought it was cute (Your post).