Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Christmas Blessings are better than wrapped gifts. At least they are so after we get out of the diaper stage.

One of the special blessings we have here in Southern California is the LA Times newspaper, which is still up and running, chock-full of good writing, good columnists, and good photographers.

Today Wally Skalij gave Southern Californa a special blessing with this photograph. Such babies. Such stockings. Such dedicated nurses. Such health care for newborns. We are lucky to have them all.

And for these darling little Christmas stocking bundles, who are coming into a fairly scary world, we send a really, truly heartfelt wish for the ultimate blessing of all - PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN.

And to Wally and the LA Times.

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marciamayo said...

Amen on all the blessings we have. Thank you for reminding me.