Saturday, December 18, 2010


So to continue the list from yesterday, here are more ideas:

~ Tie a bow on your pet's collar.

~ Give your place in the checkout line to someone who looks like they have had a hard day.

~ Wrap your child's bedroom door like a present.

~ Make it a holiday practice to do something without telling them you did it.

~ Make your family feel just as important as your holiday company.

~ Add a new Christmas cassette or CD to your collection each year.

~ Dress the kids for bed, then get in the car to see Christmas lights.

~ Keep plenty of Apple Cider and microwave popcorn on hand for unexpected guests.

~ Let someone else have the parking space you've just found. Think of it as a gift to a stranger.

~ This Christmas, write letters to several people who have had a positive influence on your life. Thank them for the gift they have given you.

~ Buy something from students holding a Christmas bake sale and tell them to keep the change.

~ Cut others - as well as yourself - more slack than usual.

~ Take a walk with someone you love on Christmas afternoon.

~ Turn off the lights and put on "White Christmas." Ask your spouse to dance.

~ Pay the toll for the car behind you during the week of Chrismas.

~ Don't try to do everything yourself. Ask for help.

~ Decorate the backs of dining chairs with bows or stockings.

~ Don't forget to hang the mistletoe.

~ After opening all the presents, hug all your family members and tell them they are the best gift of all.

Make it a good holiday!


marciamayo said...

~ Dress the kids for bed, then get in the car to see Christmas lights.

Do you take them with you or leave them in bed? Seriously, I used to love driving around on Christmas Eve looking at the lights. I had forgotten that until I read your post.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

ok - first up i loved your response to Friko's menu (Hare in their soup) - it led me here.

The point about writing to several people who you love - i definately want to do that this year as there are a couple of people who have truly kept me going

Merry Xmas