Thursday, August 16, 2012


When one's children are starting to talk, sometimes a word or two of their efforts creep into the parents' vocabulary, just because they are either so cute, funny, descriptive, perceptive, clever, appropos, or just for the ducks of it. You, of course, as the first and most verbal child, added "mo-mo" for lawnmower, "Onine or O" for Erin, and "boap" for boat; I think there were a few more but they escape me now. Erin's words will forever be "lickstick and spiffroom." (Lipstick and perfume.)

But going back even before that, to this day I refer to windshield wipers as "windsheebers," which Uncle Steve coined when he was a tiny tyke, as well as giving me the name "Bobby" as his try for "Barbara."
Anyway, every family has their little secret words and probably not everybody is an enamored of them as I am. To me they are always reminders of having a wonderful time raising such great babies. And I still occasionally use these words; they are silly, I know, but they are fun and feel natural coming out of my mouth!
So to bring the story up to date, for some reason none of the lawns in this complex have been mowed for going on three weeks now. The grass is so tall that when we walk across it to the carport, our ankles are totally hidden. (They reseeded sometime back and perhaps they were simply waiting for the new grass to get totally established before they scalped it back down to its normal length.) Yesterday they mowed across the street, which meant that if they followed their normal pattern, we would get mowed first thing this morning.
First thing means 7:30 a.m. Because it has been so awfully hot down here, we've kept all our doors shut, blinds drawn and the A/C on. But today, in anticipation of hearing the big riding mowers come to our pasture-like lawn, we opened the door and the blinds in the living room early, while Jer and I sat with our coffee and our morning newspaper.  7:30 came and went, 7:45 came and went, 8:00 did the same, 8:30 .... still no magic sound. In my old age I am going deaf, so it didn't surprise me that I didn't hear anything, but about 8:45 Jerry jumped up, ran to the door and in a big voice shouted, "THE MO-MOS ARE COMING!"

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