Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am going to tell this story on Jerry this morning for two reasons: first, because it was so darn funny and second, because it could have happened to me.  It’s about old folks and short term memory.
We had not been out of bed for very long.  I was sitting on the couch putting eyedrops in my eyes for my glaucoma.  Jerry was in the kitchen feeding the cat and getting the coffee going.  I heard him utter a short, unmentionable word. Uh, Oh! I thought.

When he finished his little ministrations he came into the living room and I asked him what happened.  Here’s his explanation, verbatim:
“Took eggs out of fridge to boil for use in making tuna fish salad for lunch.

Put water in pan.
Put eggs in pan.

Needed more water so I filled a glass with water and emptied water into pan.
Turned gas on and set timer for eggs.

Filled glass with water for washing morning pills down.
Took pills out of cupboard.

Put pills in glass of water.
Fished non-dissolved pills out of glass and started over.

End of story.”

We both burst out laughing.  I told him it was a wonderful way to start the day.  And any old folks reading this will understand and identify with him.  Our brains have been working for many years and sometimes they just get tired!  We figure if we can laugh at these situations, we’re still ok.

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Olga said...

We have been there.