Monday, September 3, 2012


Not being very inclined to do a bit of work on Labor Day, and having been asked to provide a simple dish last night for a Labor Day weekend al fresco dinner at my daughter's house, I will simply share with you today this easy-to-prepare and easy-to-eat dish in honor of the occasion.

There's hardly even a recipe involved.  I allowed 1 carrot per person and added one for Samuel Gompers, the first and longest-serving president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL); it is to him, as much as to anyone else, that the American labor movement owes its structure and characteristic strategies.

While the carrots were cooking, I mixed 2 Tablespoons of yellow mustard, 2 Tablespoons of HoneyBee Honey and 2 Tablespoons of melted butter.  I also cut up 2 Tablespoons of green onions and 2 Tablespoons of parsley.

When the carrots were finished cooking, I drained them and stirred in the honey-mustard sauce.  Just before serving, (in the interim we had schlepped the carrots from our little Jurupa Valley into Los Angeles) I nuked the carrots lightly to make sure the sauce was liquidy.  And just before the dish went on the serving table, I introduced the greenery into the mix.  Voila!  Easy Easy HONEY-MUSTARD CARROTS!   

This is truly a no-effort dish.  And if you can entice non-carrot eaters to give it a try, they'll probably ask for their share, 'cause it's awfully good.


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Olga said...

Recipe and a bit of history lesson--two for the price of one. I just love a bargain. I love carrots too.