Friday, September 21, 2012


This is an easily recognized symbol.  But if you think about it, none of us had much occasions to use it before the advent of the internet.  I do believe that in the old days, salespeople more or less had the corner on it.  Someone wanted to buy three cases of something, and on the invoice we could find them listed as 3 cases of product @ $7.50 each.....and then in the total column we'd find $22.50. 

We all knew the symbol, and to some extent still use it in handwriting, although I thing the effort to write the tiny word "at" is far easier than making an "@" symbol and having it land in the right place on the line!

The September issue of Smithsonian magazine has a most delightful and entertaining article on this little symbol; however, I probably would have passed it by if it hadn't been for the amazing  lettering piece" that Erik Marinovich designed for it.

I am SO appreciative of those who have artistic talents.  I can visualize Erik's design worked up in a fantastic stitchery piece, but unfortunately I must simply be content in being an appreciator, not an executor, of any kind of art work.

From Erik's page you can find a link to the Smithsonian article - short and sweet and eminently readable at a glance.  It is entitled "Overnight Sensation" and tracks, to what extent it can, the beginnings - and of course the dramatic present -  of this little symbol that really doesn't have much of a name, unless you want to call it an "AT."

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