Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dear Mr. Snowden:
Just come home.

Yes, you’ll be in trouble, which probably won’t be for the first time in your life and probably won’t be the last. 
When you made your decision to leak details about the National Security Agency secret programs to spy on Americans, foreign governments and individuals around the world, didn’t you think there were going to be ramifications?  Didn’t you think that the US might not be happy about it?  Surely you didn’t think you were just going to walk away from this and return to business as usual?

Mr. Snowden, you are not that stupid. 
You did what you thought you needed to do, and now you need to come home and face the consequences.  You knew, of course, that there would be consequences to your action, and I’d like to assume you are smart enough to face them.

But right now it doesn't seem so.  Skulking around in an airline terminal is not a good answer.  Hiding out in some other country is not a good answer, either.  You need to take your American citizenship a little more seriously.  What you are doing doesn’t speak well for your morals or your ethics or your judgment. 
If you believe in what you did, then come home, stand up for yourself, and take your punishment like a man. Trust me; the world is watching and waiting.

 From a fellow citizen in California.

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Olga said...

Excellent post, Bobby.