Thursday, July 4, 2013


Our senior complex - Country Village, it is called - is full of little old people, but most of them don't want to let a holiday go by without some celebratory events.  And since so many of the old people here are retired military - going back to the Second World War (our oldest vets) and ending at Desert Storm,  on July 4, they spearhead our day of celebrating - starting off with a "flyover" with a couple of planes from March Air Field, to a helicopter landing on our golf course.  Once the copter gets down, the home town parade starts.... and at its conclusion the day becomes a festival down by the entrance, with food, games, booths and lots of give-aways.  Golf carts are decorated by the owners and prizes given in various categories.  Toward late afternoon, things wind down.  It may not be the biggest of parades in the area, but it's our way of remembering 7-4-1776!  Following is an assortment of pix taken from our front yard. 

Remember to click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

After the copter lands, the ground parade starts:

Candy is tossed to the children on the sidelines, but sometimes there is a sweet-toothed resident who gets lucky!

 Some themes are old.
Some themes (Spiderman, above) are new

 The Girl Scouts were followed by the Boy Scouts.

And oh, gosh, the cars of our childhood, restored and loved!

 Can't be a parade without a horse or two.  Note the stars on the rumps!

And the parade, as old and traditional as it was, was enjoyed by all.

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