Saturday, July 27, 2013


Nancy Pelosi said it right when she spoke of the acts and the attitudes of certain politicians whose disgusting misdeeds are being related over and over to us by the media:  "It is so disrespectful of women” she says, “and what's really stunning about it is they don't even realize, they don't have a clue….”

Aside from the salaciousness of their actions and their amazing explanations of it, where have they been in the last 20 or 30 years when our society has decided that sexual harassment has no place in either the workplace or any place else for that matter?  Do they think what they are doing and saying is not harassment?  Or are they denying that “dirty talk” falls in the area of “sex?”  Perhaps they think somehow they are so irresistible that women will be flattered, rather than offended, by what they are offering. 
Hubris, I think, is what it boils down to.  And one doesn’t get rid of hubris with a short course of therapy, or a couple of lies, or even a promise or two.

Best they leave politics right now and get themselves some intensive therapy.  Taking a refresher course in "Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace" might also be a good thing to do. 


I for one am very tired of looking at them.


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