Friday, January 15, 2010


In my local newspaper earlier this week there was a huge article with a picture showing a British vicar blessing Blackberries, computers and other such electronic gadgets. He did this at what was called a "Back-to-Work Ceremony." This vicar at a prestigious church in London said that just as in the old days we blessed scythes and other farming implements dragged to the church door, now it was appropriate to give that blessing to the tools of the modern workplace - Blackberries, cellphone and computers. His thinking was that the ceremony made worship "lively and relevant" to the people who worked in the nearby financial district.

My, my, my.

And then I read (and hear) that old Pat Robertson right here in the US says that Haiti's trouble is caused by a pact they made with the devil hundreds of years ago.

If you had looked carefully you would have seen me snorting when I read of the British ceremony and you would have seen smoke coming out my ears at reading of Robertson's mean spirited, ignorant and ill-advised words.

Things like this are what make me have less than warm fuzzy feelings about Christians and their interpretions of religion. I probably overall am not as negative of Christianity as I sometimes seem, but it is sure things like this that really rub me the wrong way. And give a poke in the eye to the truth.

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